3 Key Advantages Of Selling To An Investor Over A Traditional Buyer In Boston

If you’re pondering about selling your house, you’re probably wondering how you sell your house or who to sell to. Should you sell to a traditional buyer or a real estate investor. Read this blog  to see the great advantages to selling to a real estate investor instead of a traditional or ordinary buyer in [ market_city ]…

When you come to the decision to sell your [ market_city ] house there are several options you have. Sell through a real estate agent/realtor where they will find the buyer or sell to a cash  buyer.  You can go the F.S.B.O. ( For Sale By Owner) route which in which you list the house by yourself and attempt to find someone to buy your house. Another option is working with a  investor who can purchase your property fast with cash directly from you. Here is a list of advantages when selling your house to a real estate investor.

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Key Advantage 1: Speed

When using a real estate agent to sell your house. It is the responsibility of the age t to find a buyer. It takes the burden off the seller to finding a buyer but this process may take months. It may take several months to find a buyer and more time for the selling transaction to be complete. A traditional buyer most likely will work through a financial institute to secure the funds to by the house. The good news is there is another option.  When selling to a serious investor they may close in  7 days or 14 days. Rarely does it take a month or more for a investor to close. It benefits the investor for the process to move as fast as possible because they need to get started to sell the house themselves for a profit

And since you don’t have to search for the buyer you avoid paying taxes and bills on the house like you would have to if your agent was looking for the buyer. This can prevent you from paying large amounts of money.

At Layne Real Estate Investments, LLC, we will often buy houses in Boston within 14 days. Click here to enter your information and we can get back to you right away to give you more details.

Key Advantage 2: No Repairs

It would be an understatement to say that not every real estate property is in tip top condition. That’s fine. But when your selling your house to a buyer who is going the traditional route, you will more than likely need to pay for the house repairs yourself and clean the house before these types of buyers will even give your house a look. On the other hand investors buy houses in as-is condition, meaning you can bypass the repairs and cleaning which will ultimately save you time and money.

And if there are repairs you won’t have to hire a contractor (more money saved) Yes, an investor may want the house at a discounted price seeing that they will be covering the expense of the repairs, but this may be small sacrifice to sell your house quickly and hassle free.

Key Advantage 3: No Guessing

This may be the biggest issue of them all: Selling to a traditional buyer it is a guessing and hooping game to see if they are going to pay the asking price for the property… and if you, the seller wait months and months and the traditional buyer wants to negotiate a price lower than what you originally wanted than you just wasted a lot of time. because that is not an ideal situation for you. And you may not be willing to sell at a lower price. However, if you sell to an investor you know what exact amount they’ll pay and you know when they’ll pay.

There are a bunch of ways to go about selling your home.  Selling to a real estate investor is not a traditional way and may not be the option for  most people. it may be the right choice for you.

Click here and enter your information, or give us a call (508) 857-9990 to talk to us about selling your house. We’ll be glad to walk you through a closer comparison between selling to real estate agent and selling to an investor like us.

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